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Aims at building an effective business strategy by linking business with information.
Our courses are designed to deliver highly focused, practical trainings on an open enrollment, covering all professionals, industries and regions.
Our professional trainers with great minds combine expert facilitation with dynamic presentation to deliver training that is relevant, applicable and memorable.We speacilize in:-

  • Financial Skills courses
  • Management and Leadership Skills Courses
  • Security and Fraud Skills Courses
  • Supply Chain
  • Marketing
  • Learnerships and accredited courses
  • Health and safety
  • Oil and gas
Our Mission
To provide our clients with information and training on maintaining competitive edge whilst boosting business success in the market.

Our Vision
To focus on important aspects of business strategy, improve skills and provide a better understanding of business mechanisms.


  • Success-we deliver and reward success
  • Proactive –Encourage People to see things and do things differently
  • Quality-To be a reliable information Centre for quality products and service demands.
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Professional Short Trainings

Cuboid Trade minds offers a wide range of of short courses at premium conferencing venues across Africa. Insights from the course facilitator ,as well as delegates from a wide range of companies and industries, make our public training courses rich learning and networking experience…Read More

In House Trainings

Tailored in-house/in-company courses and workshops designed and delivered onsite globally according to your specific requirements.All management, personal development and project management, public courses featured in our courses directory are also delivered on an in-company basis… ….Read More
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Financial Skills
Ensuring financial maturity throughout your organisation
Management & Leadership
Developing Effective Leadership Skills
Security & Fraud
Developing Security & Fraud Detection methods to protect your organisation.
Supply Chain
Linking supply chain to enhance efficiency in your organisation.
Growing your market through marketing,sales & CRM strategies for your organisation.
Learnerships & Accredited Courses
Improving the learning experience of employees and also enhancing their knowledge by doing better courses to increase efficiency and understanding
Health & Safety
Improve the employee awareness of healthy & safety procedures and also refreshing them with the new procedures in your organisation
Oil & Gas
Oil & gas strategies that involve latest equipment as well as methods deployed in this sector for your organisation


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[vc_headings style=”theme3″ borderclr=”#000000″ title=”Benefits of Training with Cuboid Trademinds” align=”left” titleclr=”#583093″][/vc_headings]
Greater Productivity
A well trained employee usually shows greater productivity and higher quality of work-output than an untrained employee.
Economy in Operations
Trained personnel will be able to make better and economical use of materials and equipment’s. Wastage will be low.
Uniformity of Procedures
With the help of training, the best available methods of work can be standardised and made available to all employees.
Higher Morale
The morale of employees is increase if they are given proper training. A good training programme will mould employees’ attitude to achieve support for organisational activities.
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